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rep michelle bachmann formally announced her candidacy for president in waterloo, iowa. she predicted that obama would be a one-term president. >> good morning. good morning. is this is so great to be here in iowa this morning, and even better to be here in waterloo where i was born. [applause] i think it is entirely fitting that we are here today act the site that was once the waterloo women's club, so thank you for being here. my name is michele bachmann. i stand here in the midst of many friends and many family members to announce formally my candidacy for president of the united states. [cheers and applause] i do so, because i am is so profoundly grateful for the blessings that i have received, bothrom god and from this great country, and not because of the position of this office, but because i am determined that every american deserves these blessings, and that together, once again we can secure the promise of the future for america. because i want to bring of voice, your voice, to the white house, just as i brought your voice to the halls of the united states congress to secure
birth place of waterloo, iowa. >> what i want them to know is just like john wayne was from woortly, iowa, that's the spirit i have, too. >> it looks like she got her john waynes confused. john wayne lived about 150 miles away from waterloo. john wayne gacy, who raped and killed 33 men and boys did live in waterloo before his killing spree began. ( laughter ) >> jon: how do you know she got her john waynes confused? maybe she was like, yo! i'm from waterloo, serial killer straight up. ( laughter ) just got implants. nice going, michele bachman. i'm sure she endeared herself to her home town. i believe the waterloo chamber of commerce sent her a thank you card. ( laughter ) she mixed up some names. she's not screwing up the important stuff like the era of history on which she bases her entire philosophy of government. >> you said the founding fathers who wrote the constitution and the declaration of independence worked tirelessly to ends slavely. with respect, that's not true. >> if you look at one of our founding fathers, john quincy adams, that was true. he was a very young boy whe
only officially hinted at. >> it's so great to be here in iowa and even better to be here in waterloo where i was born. my name is michele bachmann. i stand here in the midst of many friends and many family members to announce formally my candidacy for president of the united states. >> stephen: she announced her candidacy from waterloo, a name synonymous with victory. [laughter] [cheers and applause] somebody won that battle, right? this fine lady wasted no time buttering up the people of iowa, not easy because i believe iowans come pre-buttered. jim? >> i often say everything i need to know i learned in iowa. >> stephen: republican, she left iowa at age 12 and has had the courage not to learn anything since. [laughter] of course, some people -- good-looking lady. some people don't know michele bachmann so she told fox news everything she wants us to know. >> what i want them to know is just like johnway was from waterlao, iowa, that's the spirit i have too. >> stephen: she has the spirit of john wayne but the critics couldn't wait to it in pick on a detail. >> johnway is from iowa b
. this video from waterloo. that is an hour west of syracuse and state police say 20 people are hospitalized following a tour bus and semi crash along i-90. authorities say the bus caught fire after colliding with the truck. it happened around 1:30 this morning. state police are telling reporters that a u.s. soldier from the york's -- from new york's fort drum been a to -- began to pull people from the burning busch the crash forced all lanes shut down going both ways but they have reopened. no word on the condition of the victims and we will haveium dates throughout the day. >>> 6:33. making news around the nation, transit police in san francisco have released sido of a deadly shoot -- video of a deadly shooting on a train platform. officers shot 45 a 45-year-old man and they say he drew ash -- shot a 45-year-old man. they say he drew a knife and threw it in their direction. >>> new yorkers are being warned to stay out of water a fire at a waste water treatment plant is causing raw sewage to seep into the hudson river. officials reached a health advisory on four beaches that may have been y
live pictures from waterloo. it's about one hour west of syracuse. that is press conference going on right now. state police are saying 20 people are hospitalized following a tour bus and semi crsh along interstate 90. that -- crash along interstate 90. that gentleman taking questions from the media talking about the fact that there was an apparent -- the bus apparently caught fire after colliding with a truck shortly after 1:30 this morning. state police say a u.s. soldier from the new york fort drum who came upon the scene pulled some people from the burning bus. the crash initially forced the shutdown of all lanes in both directions but they have since reopened. no word yet on the victim the' conditions and we will bring you more throughout the course of the -- victims' conditions, and we will bring you more throughout the course of the morning. >>> abc2's linda so is live at police headquarters to explain. >> reporter: well, we are being told a man accused of shooting a police officer is an army vet and he served time in iraq. police arrested 20-year-old chey jordan, and he i
waterloo, iowa that's the kind of spirit that i have, too. it's really about not being ashamed of america, it's embracing america, loving america. >> jon: that's republican candidate for present, michele bachmann, making a slight error there. actor john wayne was actually born in winterset, iowa not waterloo. >> a comrade of yours, jared monty was the first person i was able to award the medal of honor to, who actually came back and wasn't receiving it posthumously. >> jon: well, president obama misspoke about sergeant first class jared monty saying he was the first person he awarded the medal of honor to who wasn't receiving it posthumously. actually monty was killed in action. the question is which of the flubs got more press. >> let me see. of course, candidate barack obama said he had been to 57 states and he only had one or two more to go. look, here is the template here. if you're republican, if you're conservative and especially if you're christian, by definition, the media definition, you are a moron. and so any mistake you make reinforces that stereo type. on the other hand, if y
made by michele bachmann. she compared herself to john wayne from waterloo. but john wayne was from winterset, iowa. it was john wayne gasey from waterloo. she said up to 30,000 people were killed in an obama air strike. it was not only completely wrong, but the number killed in a moammar gadhafi crackdown on protesters. do missteps matter to you or do news organizations make too much of them? fibbed out what bachmann said on [ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee. now you can brew over ice for delicious iced coffee or tea. hot or cold, keurig is the way to brew everyone's favorite cup in under a minute. choose. brew. enjoy. keurig. >>> actor gary is supporting the troops one guitar cord at a time. >> lisa talked with the actor about his mission to honor the women and men who serve. >> his most famous role. >> lieutenant dan. >> lieutenant dan. >> lieutenant dan. >> playing alongside tom hanks in forest gump. gary wears minihats. currently starring on the hit show, csi, new york. off the set he's an advocate for military members and their fa
and vows. >> how do you know she got her john waynes confused? maybe she was like, yo, i'm from waterloo, serial killer straight up. i believe the waterloo chamber of commerce sent her a thank you card. >> all right. let's go straight to tim farley, the host of "morning briefing" on certificasirius xm. the minnesota government shutdown, why did it happen and ha does it mean? >> i saw you talk about it at the beginning of the show. this is a key part of this, around the country, people are struggling, states are struggling with their budgets, we have a democratic governor and a legislature run by the republicans that don't seem to be getting along. there's a sense of frustration around the country, not just in minnesota, but at the federal government and on the state level when you have parties mixing it up. in this case, in minnesota they're shutting down the state, including state parks, right in front of one of the busiest weekends. marge is going to be writing screening tickets up in brainerd, but you're not going to be seeing the parks open this weekend. >> we all sort of know what y
term member of congress from minnesota, going to her hometown, waterloo, iowa, no coincidence there, to launch her campaign for president. >> government thinks it knows better how to spend our money. government thinks they know better how to make a better life for us. they think they create jobs. they even think they can make us healthier. but that's not the case. we have to recapture the founders' vision of a constitutionally conservative government if we are to secure the promise for the future. >> fueled by tea party power, she immediately shot to second place in the latest polls from both iowa and new hampshire. how did she do that? >> i think the biggest reason is she does not have a former in front of her. the other candidates are former governors. or -- so she's an of the moment politician. she has had her rise during this very interesting time in the republican party, she became of age, at least of national prominence, last year during the midterm elections, was the best fundraiser of any republican member of the house. so now in the early part of the year she wanted to be i
in waterloo and spent her early years in iowa. i think pawlenty may surprise some people. he's gotten a lot of key people involved in his campaign. he is aggressively campaigning throughout the state. so it's kind of interesting. here you've got two minnesotans competing. but they're not the only ones. i think you need to look at herman cane who's got a following here, and ron paul, and rick santorum says he's going to beat people's expectations. who knows what rick perry's write-in efforts may produce. it looks like he will get in the race after the straw poll. so it could be a wide open situation. who knows? is there may be others that i haven't even mentioned that could do better than expected. >> i wonder how you would assess governor perry's ability to in iowa.effectively what kind of an iowa candidate might he make? >> well, remember, george w. bush, who was the governor of texas at the time, won both the straw poll and the iowa caucuses and went on to be elected president of the united states twice. so being governor of a big state like texas, a state that's been very successful in e
of the first caucus six month ago. >> i was born and raised in waterloo. >> reporter: her ad ran confirms a push to win iowa. with dominating performances at the fox debate and ames poll in iowa. it emphasizes her family value and fiscal conservative. >> we can't keep spending money we don't have. that's why i fought against the wasteful bail-out, against the stimulus. i will not vote to increase the debt ceiling. >> since joining the race three weeks ago, bachmann danced past most rivals to the top of the polls in iowa and solid second in new hampshire. the only other candidate running tv ad is tim pawlenty who is far back in the poll and held a town hall style meeting today. >> i hope you will join us our cause. the next step is august 13 at the ames straw poll. >> reporter: tim pawlenty and his aides downplay the expectation in iowa against bachmann's popularity. but when the action committee suggested that michele bachmann would be hard to beat as iowa native with home party feel, tea party favorite with ideological appeal and with added she has a little sex appeal, too. tim pawlenty
of this incident from a cell phone. look at that fireball on the highway near waterloo, new york. this from a person driving by in a car. write to jamie colby in our newsroom now, what caused this one? >> reporter: showing that video is really amazing because it's incredible there were any survivors. a tractor-trailer rear ended a tour bus, and both became engulfed in flames on a highway in new york. it actually took firefighters, bill, 45 minutes to just get this massive blaze under control. the driver of the tractor-trailer's now identified as a 59-year-old man from michigan. he was killed. and of the 52 people on that bus, at least 30 had injuries ranging, we're told, from minor to serious. two were confirmed as critical. it is miraculous that 22 people walked away from that bus without any injuries, but the death count would likely have been much higher had it not been for a soldier stationed at nearby fort drum, new york, who happened to be driving behind the crash when it happened. he pulled several of the injured from the burning bus. incredible. bill: this seems to be happening a lo
. >> as a -- i was born and raised in waterloo, mom of five and foster parent tax lawyer and small business job creator, we can't keep spending money we don't have. that's why i fought against the wasteful bail out, the stimulus, i will not vote to increase the debt sealing. i'm michelle bachmann and -- the debt ceiling. i'm michelle bachmann and i approve this message. >> how do you rate that ad? >> good ad. she says i was in iowa, important to people in iowa she describes who she is. and describes what she believes. i think she does so with a lot of presence. good on camera. i think it is a good introductory ad. i've seen reports that it can be as little as $1,000, $30,000. important in iowa in the early states to say to tell all these insiders watching the campaigns closely they number in the thousands, if not the tens of thousands in those early states, you need to say i'm a serious candidate, i bought $200,000 worth of television ads or $150,000 worth of television ads. the one mystifying thing i would question is the closing tag line. not much on television, thankfully, it is not much. th
of waterloo, iowa is the birthplace of john wayne when actually it's the birthplace of john wayne gacy. >> i think there is something to that. like gacy, people might think you're a clown if they dig a little deeper, they'll find that you are deadly serious. when you stumble on facts, don't get back into a corner. you double down. you say not only do you have the spirit of john wayne gacy, you've got the eyes of a young charles manson. >> john quincy adams most center was a part revolutionary war era. he was a young boy, but he was actively involved. >> but he wasn't a founding father. i mean, he was 9 at the time. if he'd signed the declaration of independence, this is what it would have looked like. >> former illinois governor rod blagojevich. >> hands shaky, can't seem to stand on my own two feet. hands are weak. >> recording elvis on your way here. a criminal verdict and you go with, "all shook up"? jailhouse rock didn't come up? >> 17 of the 20 corruption chorgs. extortion, water fraud, bribery and criminal abuse of styling moose. >> >> try to speak a little less. i'm going to keep my r
the iowa caucuses. it's where she was born, waterloo iowa, she represents minnesota, right next door. why you showed former governor, tim pawlenty, as long as michele bachmann is number two in the polls, as long as she's nipping at mitt romney's heels, there's noerr for tim pawlenty, if he doesn't win iowa, where does he win? >> it always shows the weakness of the guy who's been thought of as the front runner, romney. and it doesn't strike me that rove and company are particularly out to protect romney, they just want bachmann out of this race. she's the distraction, she's the one they believe can never be president so let's not pretend she can be the nominee. >> folks like carl rove are the establishment, but also the establishment that want to win, they want to beat president obama. they all know, michele bachmann might be able to win the republican nomination, but could she go toe-to-toe with president obama with all the incumbent advantages he has, could she beat him? not a chance. >> the obama administration is trying to figure out how to say it's perfectly okay to have the occasiona
in waterloo, iowa. >> as opposed to john wayne -- >> that will be a problem for the general -- >> as opposed to john wayne gacy. >> bachmann has a reputation of going over the top. >> she once referred to the obama administration as gangster government. >> that has no impact on her ability to win the republican presidential nomination. even when she makes these statements, like the founders or whatever, she's exactly in tune with most republican grass roots activists who will be the core of her support. >> does it seem to you, michelle kyle, that conservative women are given a harder time in the press for those mistakes as opposed so something biden would have said. >> what i'm going to be interested in, if rick perry jumps into the race, are we going to see a lot of questions where people like, are you completely nuts? are they going to use this same kind after proof approach? rick perry has a tendency to say lots of over the top things. >> if there is a tendency to, like you said, michele bachmann is an unguided missile, does that bother you as a woman, that there is that built-in sum sngs
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. sglo >> as a descendent of iowa, i'm a resident of waterloo. >>> and there is a congressman under fire for what he calls bachmann's sex appeal. >>> and jay barbary joins us live ahead of nasa's last shuttle launch. [ male announcer ] this is larry... whose long day starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. take tylenol arthritis and maybe up to six in a day... or choose aleve and two pills for a day free of pain. happy chopping. >>> welcome back, everybody. a top aide to presidential contender tim pawlenty is apologizing for a comment he made about michele bachmann calling it sex appeal and talking about why she will be difficult to beat next year. ben weber told the "hill" newspaper, she has hometown appeal and ideology appeal and hate to admit, but a little sex appeal, and now, he has issued a statement saying that i have made a mistake disrespectful to congresswoman bachmann and i was not speaking on behalf of congressman pawlenty's campaign and i apologize. and joining us is michael smerconish who is also an msnbc analyst, and you have been talking about this with your liser lis
on interstate 90 on the city of waterloo. they were taken to hospitals in the rochester area. we'll bring you more details as we have them. more than 100 million americans will be feeling the heat today as the worst heat wave in more than a decade continues to smother the midwest and the east coast. and guess what? it's expected to get even worse if you can imagine. temperatures will hang in the triple digits today and throughout the weekend and to make matters worse, cities like chicago and new york now experiencing rolling blackouts as air conditioners put a major strain on the power grid. we'll have more on this summer scorcher in a live report coming up in 20 minutes. history was made in georgia. a killer was put to death while cameras captured the execution. he was executed by lethal execution for murdering his parents and sister in 1993. his motive, insurance money. the execution was recorded at the request of lawyers in another case. they will argue on behalf of another inmate on death row saying the new drug formula is too painful. a nurse attending last night's execution gave no indi
was born in waterloo, iowa. it all just goes to show you that there is no holiday weekend if you're running for president of the united states. and you can't get away from these candidates if you live in iowa or new hampshire. you can't hope to be spared from politics, even on july fourth. >> knowing a lot about iowa and new hampshire as you do and as i do, they don't want to be spared from the campaign. >> they love it. >> amherst is a pretty small town. i don't think huntsman and romney are going to be able to exactly avoid each other in the july fourth parade. >> you know what's interesting about that, too, and this won't come out in the parade, but they do have a little bit of a rivalry. they're both from major well-known mormon families, jon huntsman endorsed john mccain, not mitt romney, in 2008. so there's a little tension there. could make it interesting. >> interesting indeed. have a great holiday weekend. >> you too. >> and we'll see you on tuesday. and thanks to chris cillizza. up next, arianna huffington right here. fresh from a panel she was moderating on the obama presidency.
in waterloo. as a mom of five, foster parent and former tax lawyer, now a small business job creator, i know that we can't keep spending money that we don't have. that's why i fought against the wasteful bailout, against the stimulus. i will not vote to increase the debt ceiling. i'm michele bachmann and i approved this message. >> so that's a pretty potent ad and especially as a signal of where she stands on the debt ceiling talks. where we've just had what the president called constructive negotiations today. you can see how the speaker of the house, if he tries to make a deal, will be squeezed very hard from the right. >> absolutely. two things about that ad that jump out to me. one, for all the talk that we hear about cultural conservatives dominating the iowa caucuses on the republican side, i think right now, the center of gravity in the republican party is very much on fiscal issues and especially on spending. you see that illustrated when michele bachmann, a candidate of the right, no doubting her cultural conservative credentials, introduces herself in a first ad entirely talking ab
in iowa. i was born and raised in waterloo and cedar falls, so we're here in iowa city. it's such a clean town, a beautiful town, family oriented town, business oriented town and everyone is so happy the humidity broke. so it's just like being in hawaii today. it's beautiful here in iowa. my family and i are here, and we're with the owners of the restaurant and the food is outstanding. life couldn't be better. so we're excited. there's a lot of support today here too. >> reporter: congresswoman, is iowa a critical win for you this caucus? >> i think iowa's very important. we want to do very well here, so we're going to be working towards the caucuses that are coming up in august, and on to january and february and beyond. so we're looking forward to it. >> reporter: and the winner of the iowa caucuses aren't historically necessarily the republican presidential nominee, so why such an emphasis on iowa? >> well, because iowa is the first in the nation. it's very important to be here and have a presence here, because the values and the opinions that people have in iowa count. they count for
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 76 (some duplicates have been removed)